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Linn County School Board Elections

Linn County School Board Elections

According to school board secretaries for local school districts and Linn County Auditor Office, these are the candidates who will be on Sept. 12 ballots. This list is only intended to give voters the additional information about Party (D/R/N), Age, and Incumbant Status (i) where known and does not infer any endorsements. Voters are encouraged to attend candidate forums and seek other information as to the competency and views of these candidates. (per Molly Duffy, The Gazette & confirmed per Linn County Auditor office)

Cedar Rapids Community School District

(Three seats)

  • Dist #2: Nancy Humbles (D,i,66)
  • Dist #3: Keith Westercamp(R,i,70) vs Jennifer Borcherding (D,44)
  • At-large: Gary Anhalt (D,i,70) vs Theodore Collins (R, 18), Christopher Gehrke (R,37)

Linn-Mar Community School District

(Three At-large seats)

  • Derek Jensen (R,49)
  • Cara Lausen (D,34)
  • John Sauer (D,69)
  • Rachel Wall (D,31)
  • Bob Gabel (R,59)
  • Robert Anderson (D,63)

Mount Vernon Community School District

(Three At-large seats)

  • Lori Merlak (D,i,48)
  • Sherry Grunder (R,i,55)
  • Rick Elliott (D,i,69)
  • Jeremy Kunz (D,44)
  • Ryan Williams (N,18)

Solon School District

(Three to be elected)

  • Nicole Pizzini (D,43)
  • Rick Jedlicka (D,i,51)
  • Dan Coons (R,48)
  • Timothy Brown (R,i,45)

No Contested Races in the following Districts:

Marion Independent School District

No Contested Races. Three at-large seats

  • Bill Huntoon (D,i,76)
  • Shari Irene Funck (R,i,51)
  • No one filed for a third seat on the board.

College Community School District

(No Contested Races. Three seats)

  • Dist #2: Jed Peterson (R,i,45)
  • Dist #5: Todd Hahlen (R,i,50)
  • At-large: James Hodina (D,i,51)

Alburnett School District

  • Yon Abel
  • Tom Flannery

North Linn School District

  • Jennifer Benesh
  • Jeffrey Boss
  • TJ Ries

Springville School District

  • Lee Ann Grimley
  • Kate O'Brien-May

Kirkwood Community College

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