LCDCC June Meeting

June 28, 2017
7:00 - 8:30PM

The Official Minutes of the May 24, 2017 Linn County Democratic Central Commitee meeting are posted!  Members, please review prior to the June meeting.  There will be a limited number of copies available at the meeting.

Linn County Democrat Central Committee for 2017! Meeting will be at Hiawatha Community Center from 7:00 to 8:30 PM .  Come early for social and refreshments around 6:30, or the Disability Caucus Meeting 6:00PM.

Linn County Democrats Central Committee meeting is scheduled for 4th Wednesday nights, at the Hiawatha Community Center.

What is a Central Committee Member and Duties?

Click Here for Central Committee Member and Duties. or CC Member and Duties in Large Print. (PDF Files)

Recently posted minutes:

Click Here for March Central Committee Minutes. (PDF File)

Click Here for March Executive Committee Minutes. (PDF File)

Click Here for February Meeting Minutes. (PDF File)

Click Here for February E-Board Meeting Minutes. (PDF File)

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Membership Roster

The Membership Roster of the Linn County Democratic Central Committee has been updated through all changes at our last meeting in
Aug 2017. The PDF File can be opened here, or from the Documents Column on the right hand of this page.

LCDCC Roster

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Gun Violence in Cedar Rapids

The Linn County Democratic Central Committee has endorsed the efforts of 1Strong, asking the Cedar Rapids City Council to engage the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate violence in the city as an epidemic.  "The violence in Cedar Rapids is not only a law enforcement issue, but also the symptom of a much larger social issue that must be addressed broadly and over the long term."  Concluding, "We at Linn County Democratic Central Committee urge the city to contact the CDC and use the direct advantage of a clear protocol outlined from study to action."  See our complete Statement here.

Have You Taken Out or Renewed Your Club Membership?

How easy was this! I needed to renew my Peg Jackson Club Membership & instead of writing a check, then mailing it or tracking down our treasurer, I decided to try out our new PayPal option. So I clicked on the "Subscribe" button located on the right side of this page which took me immediately to the PayPal site where I log in. Within a few seconds, I had a completed transaction. Hopefully, you too are thinking about joining one of our clubs, therefore, why not check out our various club & payment options?


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